Tustin Memorial Academy – K-5 Magnet School

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Tustin Memorial Academy, or TMA, is a K-5 Magnet School in the Tustin Unified School District. Magnet schools are public schools that provide special programs and instruction that are not given at other schools. Magnet schools are designed to attract more diverse groups of students from surrounding areas of the school district. This is just what TMA was founded upon. Tustin Memorial Academy aims to reach a wide array of students from Tustin and surrounding locations to create a comprehensive learning environment with special instruction and programs.


Lottery Program

As a magnet school, Tustin Memorial Academy is highly impacted and has a large following of parents and families wishing to enroll their students in order to receive the fullest, most academically excellent education for their children. Because of this we seek to offer enrollment to all students in the fairest way possible. All students are welcome to attend TMA, but we accept students based upon a lottery system.


Educational Programs

At Tustin Memorial Academy we offer two different educational programs. First, we offer a fundamental education program for grades K-5. This program is open to all admitted to the school through the lottery system. Secondly, we offer a full-time Gifted and Talented Education/Advanced Primary Learners (GATE/APL) program for grades 1-5.

The GATE program is geared towards children who have been identified as gifted or talented. Gifted And Talented Education Programs use special procedures, practices, and theories in education to teach these students at an accelerated rate in order for them to reach their fullest potential.

Years of Success

The Tustin Memorial Academy is entering its 22nd year of operation in 2016 and is excited to continue its success in the community and surrounding areas. TMA’s students are both local and non-local students who come together to learn in an accelerated environment with incredible curriculum, faculty, and opportunities.


Tustin Memorial Academy places an emphasis on three different main areas of curricula. First, the school focuses on a literature-based reading program. Reading at a young age is essential to an improved vocabulary and intellect in your child’s later years of education. Secondly, we put a focus on hands-on math emphasizing basic skills and concept development. Similar to reading, fundamental mathematic skills and concepts are crucial in higher level mathematic courses and TMA understands this and utilizes our  math lessons to instill these core concepts and fundamentals in their elementary students. Finally, TMA places an emphasis on performance-based student groupings for language arts and math. Students who learn at a slower rate than others don’t receive the full attention they need to fully understand and execute problems. Likewise, students who excel more than others aren’t provided with the attention they need to reach their full learning capacity and lost out on potential growth and excellence. At TMA we understand this issue and therefore group our students based on performance to make sure every students is given the attention they need to excel at their own rate.

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is very important to Tustin Memorial Academy. We believe in and encourage strong parental involvement with a collaborative relationship between staff and parents. This union allows students to be taught with the upmost attention to their personal needs both in and out of class.