Schools of Choice

The Tustin Unified School District allows students to attend the school of their choice. TUSD offers open enrollment both through intradistrict and interdistrict transfer requests. Whether your student is an elementary, middle or high school student, we accept transfer requests every year for all students. However, it is important to know that transportation for both intradistrict and interdistrict transfer students will not be provided by the school district, and must be provided by the parent or guardian of the student.

Schools of Choice

Intradistrict Transfers

An intrasidstrict transfer refers to a student transferring schools within their disctrict, but other than the school they are designated to.  When the parents or guardians decide to register, admit, or enroll their student or students in a separate school then the one they are assigned to, a request for intradistrict transfer is made.

According to the law of California all students must be provided an education within the district of their attendance. However, despite the right to a free and public education, they are not guaranteed admission to the school of their choice and not always guaranteed admission to the school in their neighborhood. Fortunately, Tustin Unified School District promotes the students school of choice and accepts intradistrict transfer requests. An intradistrict transfer can be incredibly beneficial for a student for numerous reasons.

Possible reasons for an intradistrict transfer:

  • Change in home location
  • Change in parents work location
  • For siblings to be at the same school
  • Mental, physical or psychological health conditions
  • Victim of physical assault at previous school
  • Victim of bullying at previous school
  • Unresolved student conflicts from previous school
  • And others…

If you are interested in an intradistrict transfer for your student contact us for more information and to begin the process.

Interdistrict Transfers

On the other hand, an interdistrict transfer refers to the transfer of a student to a school that is completely out of their designated district. When a parent or guardian requests an interdistrict transfer or reciprocal agreement they are requesting a change in not only their child’s school, but their school district.

Just like intradistrict transfers, there are many reasons for a parent or guardian to request an interdistrict transfer for their student or students. Whether they are looking for a more convenient location, trying to get away from an unhealthy previous school environment or wanting to provide their student with more academically advanced programs, an interdistrict transfer is a way to move their child from their designated school district to a school that it outside the district and ultimately a better fit for the child.

At Tustin Unified School District we accept these interdistrict transfer requests for elementary, middle and high school students each year to provide the best possible education for your student(s).


California Law does not require school districts to provide transportation to their students. At Tustin Unified School District we use our funds to ensure the highest level of academics and innovative programs to our students. We do not provide transportation to all students. As either an interdistrict or intradistrict transfer your student will not be guaranteed transportation. As the parent or guardian of your student(s) it is your responsibility to manage the child’s transportation. Our Transportation Office does assist parents and guardians by selling bus passes and coordinating routes and bus schedules. Contact us to learn more about our transportation assistance.

Achieving Academic Excellence

The Tustin Unified School District understand the needs of the student and their family are of upmost importance in order to receive a top-level education. If you are curious about an intradistrict or interdistrict transfer you can make a request today and begin the process of enrolling your student(s) in the best school fit for their academic excellence.