Heritage Elementary STEAM Magnet School

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Heritage Elementary School is emerging as a TK-5 Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) magnet school. STEAM programs go a step further than the widespread STEM programs taught at schools across the country, adding arts into the curriculum to foster a more well-rounded student. Through this program, Heritage gives students the tools to think critically, mathematically, and creatively. STEAM is a cohesive program that doesn’t separate academic subjects, but instead brings them together to create a collaborative learning environment. STEAM programs elevate students’ learning and challenge them to expand their breadth of knowledge to increase their chances for success. This program ties together all of the educational fields (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) to allow the children to find connections between them. Heritage believes that more students will find learning accessible if another facet – the arts – is incorporated into the strictly academic schedule that STEM embraces. Students at Heritage who learn science, technology, engineering, and math will only expand their knowledge and academic abilities when they can incorporate the arts into their learning experience.

Integrating the arts into a student’s education enables them to not only build creative and artistic skills, but also tie in what they know in other subjects to make connections in what they learn. By tying in artistic elements into other subjects of STEM, students can foster their creative skills and bring all of their knowledge together.

Heritage acknowledges that many students need a creative outlet in a strictly academic schedule to broaden their educational horizons. The students at Heritage will practice a variety of arts, including Social Arts, Manual Arts, Physical Arts, and Fine Arts. We relate these types of art, like painting, construction/building, and music, to the other subjects of STEAM, and students can then tie these concepts together. Incorporating creative elements into projects can help a student retain the information better and is an effective, fun way to showcase what they’ve learned.                 

Our motivated, high-quality teachers assist students in learning and provide them with a wide range of knowledge, but also allow them to take learning into their own hands. This builds a sense of independence and self confidence in students to make their learning experience more hands-on.

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