Full-Day Kindergarten


For the first time ever, the Tustin Unified School District will offer full-day kindergarten at all elementary schools, beginning in the 2019-20 school year.   In the past, the District has offered half-day kindergarten.  Now, all kindergarten students will be enrolled in the full-day program.

            Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten (TK) registration will begin at all TUSD elementary schools on Monday, February 11.  Kindergarten is for children age five years old (eligible students are those born between September 2, 2013, and September 1, 2014).

            TUSD also offers a part-time TK program for children who are born between September 2, 2014, and December 2, 2014.  If you are interested in the TK program, call the School Readiness Office at (714) 730-7592.

            “Full-day kindergarten is a big step forward for the District and it will greatly benefit our students,” TUSD Deputy Superintendent Kathie Nielsen said.  “Full-day kindergarten will offer a more relaxed atmosphere, opportunities for child-centered creative activities and developing social skills.”

Extending the day will allow for more time in each of the content areas as well as more time for art and music.  It also allows time for students to engage in developmental activities that can be difficult to find time for in a half-day program.

Other advantages include higher achievement for all children, fewer grade retentions, more time spent in individualized instruction and less time in large groups, additional time spent in play and reinforcement of positive social behaviors.

            “This is something the community has wanted for some time,” Nielsen added.  “It is believed by providing students with a longer day, they will have opportunities to increase their achievement levels and ensure they are best prepared for first grade.”

            For enrollment information, call your local elementary school or visit the TUSD Website at www.tustin.k12.ca.us