Columbus Tustin Middle School’s Math and Science Program


Columbus Tustin Middle School’s Math and Science Program is a comprehensive learning program for sixth through eighth grade students. This program aims to excel students in their academic understanding and success of mathematics and science studies during their middle educational years.

The Success of the Program

The Columbus Tustin Middles School’s Math and Science Program is entering its 16th year and has proven its excellence through the success of our students. This comprehensive math and science program has been teaching our students the fundamentals and complexities of the math’s and sciences across different disciplines for almost two decades now and has proven time and again to be successful.

Our Emphasis

There are several different emphases of the math and science program at Columbus Tustin Middle School. First, the program emphasizes the interrelationships among math, science, language arts and social science. By connecting these various fields of study students see the relationships and connections that create a more full understanding of each area on its own. Secondly, the program emphasizes the importance of problem-solving techniques and investigative skills. Students are taught how to solve problems on their own and be able to utilize specific skills to better understand and come to full, complete, backed up solutions. Finally, the math and sciences program emphasizes both independent and team projects. Being able to independently work through and solve problems to overcome challenges is essential to the success of students both in and out of the classroom.  On the other hand, it is also important to be able to work through problems with your peers and be able to learn in an environment of people with different learning styles. Through the utilization of independent and team based projects we teach our students how to work individually and in groups to solve problems.

Exposure to Technology

In today’s world technology is the forefront of academics, business life and every day settings. At Tustin Unified School District we understand the importance of teaching our students how to use technology and utilize the benefits provided. Our students are equipped with laptop computers, iPads, modern laboratory facilities and other technological learning tools. By using these tools in school our students learn at an accelerated rate and are better equipped for facing technology in the real world.

Extracurricular activities

Outside of the classroom our students are provided with numerous opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities aimed to increase their sphere of learning and provide them with real life experiences that go beyond the classroom. Tustin Unified School District offers various extracurricular activities, field trips and academic contests, such as robotics competitions and the Orange County Science Fair. These opportunities allow our students to put their learning experiences to use and use them in real world settings.